Our Story

Samaritan Women at the Well (SWATW) was founded by Veronica and Benny Branch as an outreach ministry of the Word of Faith Christian Life Center pastored by Ludie Lynch, Jr. and his wife Jackie.

Veronica and Benny first heard the Truth of the Gospel from Pastor Lynch who started them on their own Christian walk. That decision led them to overcome drug additions and the effect of negative life choices. They went on to volunteer at community rehabilitation centers and eventually became active, skilled counselors and mentors to clients within those facilities. Continuing their Christian walk by faithfully receiving biblical teaching and instruction at Word of Faith, Veronica and Benny developed a clear desire. Their hearts were moved to help others and give back to their community.

At the time, Veronica and Benny realized that long-term transitional living facilities for women with children did not exist anywhere in the Texas county of Galveston. They knew that it was not enough to provide short-term recovery solutions that only cared for the immediate needs of the individual. Long -term self-sufficiency could only be achieved through effective, long-term solutions that brought about spiritual change and renewal of the mind. God had given them their mission:

  • To motivate and encourage the individual with love by the Word of God;
  • To restore individuals physically, mentally and spiritually by teaching and guiding them with the Word of God so they will be prepared to enter back into society and live victoriously through faith;
  • To provide food, clothing, shelter, spiritual counseling and social advocacy to support individuals, ministering to the whole person;
  • To seek spiritual and social change to end the negative life cycles that affect families throughout the area.

In 2003, Veronica and Benny established the SWATW Transitional Living Home with just 2 beds in an apartment at their own personal residence in Texas City. After Hurricane Ike, SWATW garnered widespread community recognition by becoming a major provider of housing and personal services for displaced victims. By 2010 SWATW had opened a 2nd women’s home and a men’s home. Since its inception, SWATW has provided services to over 300 clients.

SWATW now offers services to all men, women, and children in any state of crises within the state of Texas, regardless of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or socio-economic background. Housing, counseling, and support services are provided to aid victims of family breakdown, homelessness, those reentering society from prison, who are in flight from dependent and/or abusive relationships, have been displaced by natural disaster, are experiencing economic hardship and hopelessness due to substance addiction, and those in other crisis situations created through poor decision making and negative life choices. Samaritan Women at the Well is dedicated to promoting high moral values, achieving positive life changes, and creating long-term self-sufficiency through faith in God.

SWATW’s goal is to help individuals lead positively motivated lives and become productive citizens. Veronica, Benny, and their team are dedicated to helping others through the sharing of their experiences, their faith, and their comprehensive network of community leaders. In a safe and stable home environment, individuals in crisis can become victorious.


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