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Founder & Executive Director


Veronica Branch is  the Program Manager of the Samaritan Women at the Well Transitional Living Homes. She is also a licensed, ordained minister and accomplished counselor to homeless individuals who are in any state of personal crises.
Veronica experienced her own life struggles with poverty, domestic violence , addiction, and overcame them through receiving the Word of God, education and help from other organizations in the community. She was moved to help others achieve the new life that she now enjoys.  In 2003, realizing that there were more people who needed help than available services, Veronica established the first Samaritan Women at the Well Transitional Living Home for battered women in Texas City, Texas. 
Samaritan Women at the Well Transitional Living Home drew those who were homeless, abused, poverty-stricken, drug-addicted, newly released from prison, and those who felt lost and hopeless. 
 Veronica now operates three homes and an apartment complex that provides shelter and program services to single women, mothers, and men.  They are multi-site facilities that do not discriminate against ethnicity, gender, age, race, sexual orientation, nor faith or socio-economic backgrounds. 
Samaritan Women at the Well is a recognized community service provider with a comprehensive network of personal and professional relationships throughout the State of Texas. Through the Samaritan Women at the well-coordinated care programs and Veronica’s faithful dedication to community service broken lives are being restored and freed from the effects of poverty, substance abuse, moral and spiritual bankruptcy.  

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